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In Paigam-e-Elahi, we invite Pastors, Evangelist, and layman who delivers the message from the word of God for the people of the region, message of blessings, restoration and salvation for all people, there are countless testimonies of people who have been blessed by the message based on our integrity, faith, freedom from the Holy Bible. This program also encourages leaders from different churches to contribute through television & gives platform of unity among leaders. Paigam-e-Elahi on air from Monday to Friday

Pegham-e-Elahi Easter Special Victor Emmanuel

Pegham-a-Ilahi Evg. Sam Bashir 25-04-2015

Pegham-e-ilahi (Victor Amin) 01-04-2015

Pegham-a-Ilahi (Pas. Khalid Hanif) 31-3-2015

Pegham-a-Ilahi (Pas. Patras Baloch) 30-3-2015

Pegham-a-Ilahi (Pas. Faniel paul) 28-3-2015

Pas. Emmnual Nawab

Evg. Sana

Pegham-a-Ilahi (Evg. Mussarat) 24-3-2015

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