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Khuda Ke Log

The concept of this program is to interact/interview with the people of different professions working sincerely for the work of humanity and has contributed a lot to the Christian society. In the program they talk about their experiences and all the hard work and times they’ve been through to serve the Lord.

Khuda kay Log with Pastor Qayyum Ghouri 01
Khuda k log with Rev. Wilburn Gill(1)
Khuda k log with Rev. Wilburn Gill
Khuda Ke Log with Rev. Bishop Sadiq Daniel
Khuda k log with Rev. Fredrick John
Khuda k log with Pas. Nasir Taj
Khuda k log with Moris Naveed
Khuda Ke Log with Rev.Prof.Fredrick John
Khuda Ke Log With Dr.Samuel George
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