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Aaj Ki Gawahi

This is a day of salvation; As it is written in Psalm “this is the day that the lord has made” This is a talk show based program where we interact with people of different background, who hold different perspective about the Word of God and different social problems are also discussed. Ms Anita Majeed & Sarfraz William hosts the program; the most important goal of this program is to emphasize viewers to be a witness of truth in their everyday life.

There’s a Prayer Section in the end of the every episode whenthe Guest or the host pray for the people who sent their prayer request through any media (email, phoneetc). Aaj ki Gawahi – Witness the truth’

Ajj Ki Gawahi With Pastor Hector John
Thank You Gawahi Partners by Sarfraz William
Ajj Ki Gawahi With Mom Laviza & Mrs Rossie Hansraj
Ajj Ki Gawahi with Sarfraz William
Special Tribute & pray for Saniha-e-Safoora Goth
Labour day Special Message Sarfraz William
Gawahi Television Update
Ressurection day Message from Sarfraz William
Aaj ki Gawahi Good friday special with Pas. Shafiq Kanwal 03-04-2015
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